How to Re Lock Xiaomi Smartphone Boot Loader

Today we will learn how to re lock Xiaomi Smartphone Boot loader.

First of all you must flash your Xiaomi Smartphone via Mi Flash Tools and follow the below image before flash it.


Now turn off your device and then go to Fastboot Mood by pressing Power key + Vol. down key


Now connect your Mobile to PC/Laptop via USB Cable .

Then go to adb file location and select all adb files and then goto address bar and write cmd . For clear understand see the below picture.


Then command prompt window will open


Now write the following codes to lock your xiaomi device bootloader

  1. fastboot devices
  2. fastboot oem lock
  3. fastboot oem device-info

Follow the below image


Here Device unlocked: false means boot loader is Locked (True if it is Unlocked)

For confirmation I tried to install TWRP on my device RN3P and that time it shown me below message.


or Go to your Xiaomi device settings >> additional settings >> developers option and check the Mi Unlock status.

Hope you guys will successfully able to Re-Lock your Mi Smartphone

ADB Driver Installer download link : Click Here

ADB File Download Link: Click Here


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